Strategic decision: how to select and hire management consultants.

“Dangerous liaisons”.
The decision to hire (or fire) management consultants.

A major decision that organisations occasionally face is whether or not to hire management consultants. And if so, how to go about it to maximise value from the process.

Using Genesis Management Consulting’s strategic decision-making process and input from experts on the subject (from both sides of the table), we are pleased to offer an article describing the process, how to go about it and some of the pitfalls and consultant “tricks” that you may encounter.

How to optimise value when selecting and hiring consultants

In addition, we are publishing an interactive pdf which contains all the information in the article plus some extra data such as consulting pricing models and questions to ask consultants in a short-list interview. This is a useful tool as you have all this information structured in a highly accessible manner on one page. All you need is Adobe 9 (free from Adobe) to read and navigate the document.
We are distributing it for a nominal price of £3-50. If you would like to buy this click on the button below, pay via PayPal or credit card and have the article within 12 hours.
Dangerous Liaisons Interactive pdf

If for some reason the link does not work, drop me a line at and I will arrange for you to receive the article.