Consulting and coaching

Consulting and coaching – where we work with individuals and organisations on specific decisions or on optimising the decision-making process within the enterprise.
Within this area we have 3 broad “solutions”:

  • Acting as a “decision coach” to a decision-making team where, through facilitation and the provision of tools and processes, we work through a specific decision normally from framing through to implementation.
    This has the duel advantage of allowing the decision-makers to focus on the inputs, deliberations and decision itself; and embedding a robust process that will enable future strategic decisions.


  • Acting as a “decision coach” to the decision leader. Here we work confidentially on a one-on-one basis with the person who has the overall responsibility of making the decision. We support his or her deliberations through providing appropriate constructs, examples and tools; as well as acting as a sounding-board and devils advocate.



  • Reviewing the strategic decision-making processes, activities and interactions within an organisation (at Board or Executive level) and, through application of best practices and innovative technologies, we work with that organisation to optimise the process.



Note that the above solutions consider all the key components in the process including behavioural issues, complexity, uncertainty, process, ethics, tools and technologies.