Products and services

In pursuit of our mission to improve lives through better decisions, there are a number of ways in which we may assist you and/or your organisation. However, before we describe the how, we would like to share with you why we do it and what are the benefits of our work.


Because we, like you, are conscious of the fact that strategic decisions often have wide-ranging impact on the lives of people inside and outside our organisations. And so a poor outcome can have a negative impact on peoples’ lives.


We therefore want to help people to make the best decision possible, even under difficult circumstances. In this way, we believe we can help to improve peoples lives by helping others to make better decisions.


What are the benefits?
We acknowledge that taking tough decisions is tough work! However, when you work with Genesis, you can be sure that you are managing the decision-process in the most optimal manner and doing all you can to reduce the risks and improve the chances of the most positive outcome.
As your partners, either at a group or individual level, you will find us to be trusted advisers – people who are able to empathise with your situation yet retain a level of independence that allows us to challenge, provoke and encourage in a positive and inspiring manner.



We are able to assist organisations and individuals in two broad areas:

Consulting and coaching – where we work with individuals and organisations on specific decisions or on optimising the decision-making process within the enterprise. (See our page in the drop-down menu for more details).


Training – where we build decision-making competency within the organisation through workshops, lectures and talks. (See our page in the drop-down menu for greater details).