Decisions and leadership meet technology and crowds

Leadership and decision-making meet technology, collaboration and crowds.

When I publish an article (or in this case a broadcast), I normally try and summarise it soIBM Think that my too-busy readers are able to get the gist of what is being said without reading the original article; or at least are able to make a judgement on whether or not they want to read the original article.

In this case, I am not going to do that as this video has too much excellent content to allow me to summarise it. I will only say two things:

  • It includes excellent input on decision making, the use of technology, the new leadership paradigm, group intelligence and the fact that you must have women in a team to increase the level of this intelligence (that should provoke a few of you to watch it at least).
  • I personally believe that the discussion here holds the kernels of the future of  leadership and management; and so strongly recommend anyone who has an interest in better understanding this topic and wanting to get more out of their organisation – be it public sector or private sector – takes the necessary 40 minutes to watch this IBM Think Forum video.

Decisions and leadership meet technology and crowds

Thanks to my colleagues at THOUGHTstream who brought it to our attention. Jamie at Ts bravely did attempt to make a summary – please visit “Jeopardy, women and chocolate” to view their take on the video. Thanks also to IBM for putting this, and other great work , into the public realm.


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  1. Yes, it’s brilliant, and it’s ALWAYS been true, and the only thing that technology does (although it’s a pretty fine thing) is widen the web of collective intelligence.

    This is is what empowerment has always really been about, and networking, and leaders who “got” those things – who really got them – knew this.

    Leadership is an emergent property of a complex system; an attribution others make, not a competency people have.

    What matters is how many people you have in your network working in this way; call them leaders if you like.

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