Visualisation – a really useful tool

visualization toolVisualisation methods – a useful tool and the steps to excellence.

This short post is part of the build-up to the publication of the third habit “communicate visually and verbally” which covers the topic of visualisation and its applicability to taking strategic decisions.

For some time now on our “useful stuff” page, we have published  a periodic table of visualisation tools. However, many visitors do not spend time surfing the entire site and may have missed this excellent graphic developed by visual-literacy that is incredibly rich with information about visualisation tools.

Click on the link below to reach an interactive table. Hover over each “element” and you will see an example of the tool. The categorisation is also excellent.

A periodic table of visualisation methods

Also from the same source, their suggested steps to visual excellence (which we recommend you consider within the confines of Edwards Tufte’s work – see recommended reading for details)

The steps to visual excellence

Genesis Management Consulting frequently use visualisation tools in our problem solving and strategic decision making work; and have proved again and again the power of visualisation for communication, creativity and insight generation. Contact us for further details.





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