Value, values and ethical decisions

Value, values and ethical decision-making.

Below is attached a short commentary on an interesting article recently published by strategy+business that discusses whether or not we really do take ethics, social responsibility or the environment into account when making our purchases.

The commentary also asks some key controversial questions about the efficacy of socially responsible programmes – which we hope may stimulate some debate around issues such as women in business, affirmative action and launching environmentally-friendly products.

We continue to use innovatve techniques to spread our work wider than immediate clients. So….. you may click on the link below and download the article by “paying with a tweet” which creates a little buzz around the article by sending out a tweet (if you have a twitter account) or tells your friends about via your Facebook page. It is a small, discrete notice and takes 2 easy, risk-free steps to get there.

Pay with a tweet: download the “Value versus value article commentary”

If you are uncomfortable with the technology, simply go to the next link below that allows you to download the article without  any announcement.
Value vs values article commentary

Finally, here is a link to the original article itself.
values vs value original article

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