The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Decision Makers

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Decision Makers

Why do strategic decisions go wrong? What are the consequences? What distinguishes the great decision makers from the rest of the pack?

Get the answer to these questions and more from this original and entertaining presentation that discusses the 7 habits of highly effective decision makers. The presentation is being followed up by a series of articles that will give greater detail, more examples and actionable techniques to help you and your organisation “improve lives through better decisions.” Subscribe to this blog (see bottom of page) to ensure you do not miss any of them.

The 7 habits of highly effective decision makers

Note: if you would rather not download the presentation, you can view it at:

Slideshare,  or

YouTube    (accompanied by “Changes” by David Bowie)

If you would like to purchase a narrated version of the slideshow where each page comes with a more detailed commentary, please visit our “Decision Shop”  We are available to make this presentation to members of your organisation where we will elaborate on the presentation with further details and examples. Contact Simon Gifford at to make arrangements .

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