Test your ability to manage risk

Initially developed and validated at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, the Berlin Numeracy Test provides a fast and psychometrically sound instrument for assessment of statistical numeracy and risk literacy. The Berlin Numeracy Test was created to help increase public awareness and to improve research conducted with commonly used samples from diverse cultures and backgrounds (e.g., computer literate adults; educated people from the US, Europe, and Asia; highly educated medical, legal, and financial professionals).

Take this short test to see how capable you are to assess risk and optimally use the available date. It is short (about 4 minutes) and anonymous and you receive your own score, compared to others, immediately.

Click here to take the test:

Risk literacy

And let us know (in the comments section below) how well you did – honestly now! 🙂


2 Replies to “Test your ability to manage risk”

  1. 75% – 100% range (after i did it carefully the 2nd time!)

    A bit embarresed to say what the 1st time rushed result was . . .

  2. The results said that I achieved the highest possible score. Though based on just a few questions, I think it is a bit of a stretch to also say that “Relative to the general population, you are among the most statistically literate in the world.” I have to question the definition of “general population” if it thinks I’m THAT knowledgeable! If indeed it is true, any thoughts how I can make the best use of that skillset????

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