Stock market recoveries

Stock market recovery comparisons (13 August) – the big picture remains the same.

The original blog (text below) was published on Monday 9th August 2010. The press today and yesterday has been full of problems for Spain, France, Greece, US, Ireland – and positive news about Germany. I decided to update the chart to see if it has made a difference. Although some percentages have moved – the relative position is still exactly the same. I think it shows how sometimes it is useful to keep the big picture in view when there is a lot of “noise” in the system.

Original text
These days when reading the business press, it is not always easy to know where we are in terms of stock exchange recovery. It is easy to find in the same newspaper, one report discussing a recovery and huge gains in share prices; and another report discussing double dip recessions.

To try and get some perspective on how certain exchanges are recovering, I sourced and charted a few key index levels to help me see the “big picture” without the noise of daily fluctuations. I thought I would share this one page document with you.

Updated chart
Stockex comparisons Friday 13th August

Taking strategic decisions in the face of ‘unknown unknowns’.

Taking decisions in the face of great uncertainty

Below is the link to an article we have written with the purpose of assisting individuals and organisations to take better strategic decisions and create more robust strategies in the face of great uncertainty.

It has been published with the intention of offering some practical tools to help overcome the challenges posed by these uncertainties.

If you would like a more in-depth discussion, please contact me, Simon Gifford, at Genesis Management Consulting.

Genesis – Strategic decisions in the face of uncertainty

Article summary – mind-map:
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