Stress test your strategy

What critical decisions should you be taking to keep your strategy relevant in the economic crisis?

Executive summary of an article by Robert Simons, published in November 2010 edition of the Harvard Business Review.

Economic turbulence can quickly expose the weaknesses in a business strategy. To refine and hone it to adapt to the new circumstances requires us to make some tough strategic decisions. Robert Simons in his book “seven strategy questions: a simple approach to better execution” puts forward seven questions that we should be asking when undertaking a stress-test of our strategy.

Stress test your strategy

La prueba de esfuerzo de la estrategia


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  1. Stress Test
    A good reminder…especially like the concept of narrowing the metrics followed in order to focus what really matters (we like to look to Leading Indicators, those items that give us an early warning) and using an external set of targets/measures.

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