Opportunities abound – you just need to know where to look!

Hidden treasures inside your organisation
How to discover and mine them! 

Many companies have great treasures waiting to be mined inside their organisations. There is a tendency, especially among larger organisations (but not solely) to gather more assets and competencies than they can exploit at one time. Often, some of these get left behind or ignored through lack of resource or just not being right for their time. Here is an interesting short article by Bain & Co discussing this.

What they do not cover in the article is HOW you go about finding these treasures. We have a technique that allows you to do that: INSTRAT.  Using a proven process and a novel, web-based tool (THOUGHTstream), you can tap into near and far-flung parts of your organisation seeking such opportunities – and go on to assess and prioritise the best opportunities.

Here is a link to a broad overview on how INSTRAT may be used, containing further links to the underlying process and a video on the THOUGHTstream tool itself.


Bain & Co article

For a discussion on how you can use INSTRAT to discover possibilities of growth within your own organisation, drop me a line at sgifford@genesis-esp.com. The process is efficient, inexpensive and can generate significant value in a short time-frame – and which company could NOT do with some of that right now!

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