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The Decision Shop

On this page, we present our digital and real products available for purchase on-line.

Product 1: The Genesis Strategic Decision Process
A best practice  framework to help you and your team make better decisions

This 48 page presentation document (in pdf format) details the full 9 step Genesis Decision Process for taking strategic decisions. It begins with an outline of the full process which is then followed by best practices and tips for each step; and a summary page describing the sub-process, examples of tools and techniques and desired output for each step.

It is the culmination of best practice mixed with 25 years of real experience from Genesis Management Consulting and represents the process section of the executive course:”Taking strategic decisions in times of uncertainty” taught at Business Schools around the world.

For a sample of what the document looks like inside, click here: Framework sample

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Product 2: The Genesis Decision Process plus on-line decision coaching

This framework document (described above) may also be bought together with a discounted package of hours of on-line / telephonic decision coaching provided by a Director of Genesis Management Consulting. The coaching could be used in a number of ways, but typically is used to develop a detailed design for the decision, to assist in framing the decision or in ongoing consultation through the process where we act as a sounding board and a trusted decision adviser.

If you would like to discuss the format before you sign up, please send an email to with your contact details and a short message and we will contact you to discuss the format, process and other details. (Note: the discounts on hours are a temporary offer applicable to on-line purchase only).

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Product 3: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Decision Makers with narration

For those of you who would like to receive the classic 7 Habits of Highly Effective Decision Makers slideshow together with written commentary giving written details of the contents of every page. This allows for deeper understanding of the 7 habits and allows the owner to discuss the contents with colleagues with greater insight.

There is also a written article version available below.

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Product 4: The Decision Ball

A tongue-in-the-cheek tool to assist you with decision making. Ask a question and get the answer immediately. Makes a great gift for your indecisive Boss, or your friend who is always agonizing over their decisions. Gift-packed. Makes a useful paper-weight as well!
The link from the image takes you to but if you would prefer to buy from Genesis (perhaps you are not living near the UK), drop me a line at with the words Decision Ball in the subject area and we will arrange that one is sent to you.