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Think Differently
We all have the capability to be  creative.

Here is an HBR blog article that comments on the book The Innovators DNA It discusses how we all have the ability to be creative … to “connect the unconnected”. It is not just the Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos of the world who have the ability. The article gives three tips on how to start building those creativity skills:

  • Just Do It. Force yourself to make connections between seemingly unconnected items.
  • Shake it up. When things do not come naturally, force them to the surface, Use metaphors or games or even the Idea Generator app.
  • Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. If you do it frequently enough, it becomes easier. So practise this form of creativity.
An additional tip from Genesis is to keep track of the ideas that may arise. Keep an ideas journal. Our preference is for a hand-written book (my Moleskine is a perfect repository). Often on returning to ideas, or mixing them with other ideas (perhaps those of colleagues) and after your unconscious has had some time to dwell on them, what we call “derivative ideas” may surface. 


Finally, if you are interested in innovation, look out for our new publication later this week: The 3rd Habit: Visualisation (the next in the series on “the 7 habits of highly effective decision makers“) which discusses the power of visualisation in strategic decision making and, in particular, in support of creativity and innovation. We are really excited about this particular “habit” and believe many will find it exciting and stimulating! Why not subscribe to the blog and be one of the first to be notified about it.


Link to HBR article:  Learn how to think differently
We are also on the verge of launching a course on enhancing the ability of organisations and individuals to think visually and embed creativity development skills into their problem solving and decision making activities. Could your company be the next “Apple” of your industry? Why not?


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