Global economic forecast

Global Economic Forecast (EIU)
Attached is the latest numerical EIU global forecast of the world economy and  its major components. In a nutshell, things have picked up in the Western economies this year but will drop again next year and then there will be a gradual rise. The developing economies, although volatile, show higher growth rates.
The second document then gives a few more details behind the numbers.
Genesis advice to individual organisations seeking to survive and grow is to dig deeper into the statistics (in-house and published) to discover where are the real opportunities. As you increase the level of granularity, it will be apparent that there is significant deviation around the averages. The identification of winning and losing sectors, sub-sectors and companies will highlight where are the areas of opportunities for growth.

EIU numerical global forecast as at 18 Aug 2010
EIU global forecast summary Aug 2010

Taking strategic decisions in the face of ‘unknown unknowns’.

Taking decisions in the face of great uncertainty

Below is the link to an article we have written with the purpose of assisting individuals and organisations to take better strategic decisions and create more robust strategies in the face of great uncertainty.

It has been published with the intention of offering some practical tools to help overcome the challenges posed by these uncertainties.

If you would like a more in-depth discussion, please contact me, Simon Gifford, at Genesis Management Consulting.

Genesis – Strategic decisions in the face of uncertainty

Article summary – mind-map:
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