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Good business intelligence produces good decisions

If the “Second habit: actively manage knowledge” resonated with you, then you will enjoy this short blog by Strat-Wise where they discuss the next level of business intelligence which Gartner calls interactive visual analytics.  This is not simply graphical depiction of data, but rather the process of analytical reasoning using interactive visual interfaces.visual analytics

Two points in particualr that we find exciting are that

  • it is run by the user(s) of the information in real time and so must be intuitive and simple to operate. (For instance the decision making team).
  • it can link data from a variety of different sources – databases, spreadsheets, text, web, etc.

So it seems that the technology is now catching up with the business requirements: easy-to-use tools that help create insights from data and knowledge. The concept of visual analytics is based on the work by Edward Tufte (see Bloomberg article if you do not know of him), the father of simplicity in graphics. His book is now in the second edition (check out our book recommendations page).

You van find the the Strat-Wise article at this link
Strat-Wise : what is BI3.0

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