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Genesis Management Consulting Limited is a strategy consulting firm dedicated to:

Improving lives through better decisions!

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This site consists of original thought leadership material as well as links to material which supports our mission. To access this material – go to page entitled
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We have published a page that tells you more specifically about the services we provide and how we can serve you and your organisation.
“How we improve lives through better decisions.”


One of the ways in which we build organisational competency in taking strategic decisions and solving complex problems is through training and giving lectures or presentations. On this page we list a few of our typical topics
Talks, lectures and training


When we come across books that we believe are valuable to strategic decision-makers (insightful, useful, easy-to-read) we put them on our page :
“Recommended reading”.


In our research and work, we occasionally stumble across material that, although not directly linked to strategic decision making, may be supportive in the process. We post these tools and articles under:
Useful “stuff”


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