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Irrational behaviour and Dan Ariely

Understanding behavioral economics is a key element in helping us to make good decisions – so this is a short blog to let people know about the free course that is about to begin: A beginners guide to irrational behavior … Continue reading

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The Friday Smile … La sonrisa del vierenes 210313

Well, here goes after a 3 month period without a smile. I hardly know where to begin ….life has been a roller-coaster: exciting, daring, fun, great experience – and plenty of screaming and hanging on for dear life! The last … Continue reading

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Think like an entrepreneur

Saras Sarasvathy, a professor at Darden School (University of West Virginia), undertook some research to see if entrepreneurs thought, acted and decided differently. Her conclusion was that this is the case. At its most basic level, she says that rather … Continue reading

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