Gary Klein video: “Streetlights and shadows”

Gary Klein video

The brilliant academic on decision making, Gary Klein, has launched a new book called Streetlights and shadows. Here is a video clip where he discusses some of the content and de-bunks certain myths about decision making and how it actually happens in real life.

He discusses critical decisions under time pressures (using fire-fighters as an example); why you can trust your intuition (using medical examples) and the myth of requiring clear objectives before launching into a decision making process.

The video is an hour long, but is exceptionally easy to watch and full of challenging concepts.

Gary Klein video

Intuition – more than trusting your gut

Intuition – more than trusting your gut.

Here is a link to a useful article written by Modesto Maidique (visiting professor at Harvard Business School) who talks about intuition and knowledge.

The core theme of the article is that intuition may be more than just gut. His examples show great “intutive decisions” often are accompanied by great knowledge of the subject matter as well. Additional examples show spectacular failure when this has been missing.

There is, however, a third ingredient and that is deep introspection as highlighted in the quote below.

 If you are going to understand the biases, emotions, and offsets of your decision-making compass which may effectually trump your domain knowledge and result in poor judgments, you must learn to “observe all men, but yourself most.”

Intuition is not just trusting gut by Modesto Maidique

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Talks, lectures and training

Talks, lectures and training

The Genesis Management Consulting page on talks, lectures and training has been updated.

In addition to consulting, we also assist our clients in improving their decision making and problem solving capacity through a number of education-based mechanisms from intense in-house training through to simply giving a talk at their annual conference. We pride ourselves in presenting “differently” using highly visual techniques, optimal audience interaction and in an entertaining and engaging manner.

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